Proposal to change MEG distribution

Hello everyone,

With the recent DAO suggestions for MEG, I have thought of a different solution.

What if we keep the starting MEG for new accounts at 200 or make it lower at 100. Then with every world/land you clear, your cap increases by 5. That means that after clearing the beginner map with 7 worlds/lands you could earn up to 235 MEG for your daily limit (assuming you keep the starting limit at 200).

We would probably want to cap this at some point to maybe 500.


  • MEG is not supposed to be a golden ticket to becoming rich. This means that its price doesn’t need to be high. (One might argue that it may not even need to be a crypto token.)
  • If MEG is too hard to earn - EBA earned from events will be sold to earn MEG. This lowers the price of both as they will both be sold and used.
  • Cost to upgrade hero and gear and summon goes higher as it gets stronger. Currently, it takes a long time of gameplay to earn enough to level up to a worthwhile level to even beat map 1 meant for beginners.
  • There is a time waiting system to receive MEG from when you earn it. This causes a long delay from when you earn to when you can use MEG.

These are just some thoughts. What do you all think? Is this something we should consider working on and put up for a vote on the DAO?

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I agree with an evolutive reward system.

Simple, higher maps levels you achieve, more rewards you get.

Total rewards can be changed, or rebalanced at any time, but the goal is to satisfy the player who get to the next map level.