My ideas about Elpis battle game


There is some idea about what can possibly be implemented and make potentially the game more complete. Those are just idea, but not confirmation about how good they will be if they are implemented.

1/ More active’s skill’s.

Active skill’s are the skill that you can use in fight. Currently there is 2 actives and 2 passives skills.
Those 4 skills make the possibility pre fight, ok. They give several possibilities of setup, and since you have 4 heroes that mean a ton of possible setup.

Now when you are in fight you have 2 actives skills per hero’s, that make the possibility and choice limited. Also most of the time in this game I feel like killing one hero at time is the best way to go. So finally you focus one target, kill him, then target another hero, kill him, etc… Normal attack > Ultimate on one hero, and then next target Normal attack > Ultimate. Not much possibility, choices, in most of turn/round.

Possible solution :

Defensive active skills.
Currently there is only offensive active skills. Defensive skill can really change the possibility and also the fun on most of fights.

Exemple of defensive active skills :
-Give shield to an ally hero.
-Heal an ally hero.
-Move an hero to an new area, exemple backlane or frontline.
-Give offensive stats to an ally hero for several rounds.
-Reduce the attack damage of an enemy hero.

With that also an possible idea is to make two move possible per turn instead of one, so it can make things more complexe with more possibilities.
Exemple :
-Give a shield + the hero that got shield, attack.
-Heal an ally hero and attack.
-Heal two time and don’t attack, if you have heal skills on 2 hero’s.

That can make more possibilities and maybe fight’s more complex/fun.

Skill book are coming, maybe Elpis team can use those idea to make those new skills fit with some of those ideas.

Also with pet’s that could be release to, they can make defensive active skills on them, so they will be a sort of equipment with active skills.

2/ Land, Area, Territory.

With this idea, it project to make more macro possibility, where your team can take possession of an area by fighting and earn or have privileged access to something. Even more, several team can meet and regroup their power to fight for an area, against an other clan/guild, day after day.
Elpis team can check the current success of territorial games idea wich some are very very simple in design, but apparently fun to play and got big success.(exemple : Pixel war on Reddit or Risk like online games).

3/ Cooperation PvP/PvE fight’s

Cooperation is on the road map.
Several teams fighting together against another teams, hard pve maps or raid boss.

Imagine some points of those 3 ideas together’s with the actual features…

That some of my ideas for now. I know is a ton of work to make things in a crypto project, it take more time and effort. But who know in some months, years what awesome features the game will have. The team look very motivated and pro enough :wink: