Discuss about Proposal 01: Adjusting PvE rewards when Normal difficulty launches

Based on community feedback and collected data on the number of players reaching the max level of Elpis map, we will add new difficulty levels (Normal) to PvE mode on June 13th, 2022.

Besides, MEG reward distribution for Beginner and Normal levels will also be adjusted.
In particular, 11 million MEGs were brought into circulation after 3 months of launching (10 million MEGs burned through in-game activities as recruit/awakening and raid boss event was subtracted). Since we define this period as the initialization phase of MEG’s supply, MEG was designed to be easily obtained through in-game activities. However, in order to build up a sustainable economy with balanced supply and demand, the MEG distribution mechanism will be tightened.

After the launch of the Normal difficulty, players will have to conquer both Beginner and Normal levels to get 200 MEG daily earnings.

The reward distribution ratio between Beginner and Normal levels will be determined by the ratio between votes for Beginner and Normal.

A user can vote on 2 options simultaneously.

For example:

Alice votes 1 point for Beginner and 3 points for Normal, which means that Alice wants the MEG split ratio of 50 MEG for Beginner mode and 150 for Normal mode.
However, the actual rate will be based on the final results voted by all users.

In case the voting round does not acquire enough quorums, the reward ratio between Beginner and Normal level will be set automatically at 50:50.
In other words, the MEG earning limit for both Beginner and Normal levels would be 100 MEG per day.

Link to vote: Snapshot