Community survey: Add NFT Hero as a vote

Should we add NFT Hero as a vote, so even a pure player - who not hold any EBA but Hero, can join vote on proposal.
If it should, how much weight it should have when compare with EBA.

  • No. Only EBA holder have right vote
  • Yes.

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Let’s discuss to improve effective of next proposals.

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The voting ratio of NFT compared to EBA should be smaller for the main purpose of EBA as a stock of a company. NFT hero should play the role of not letting one individual have too many EBA to dominate voting but should harmonize the interests of the majority. I think 30% for NFT holder and 70% for EBA is reasonable

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if using more heroes to vote, i think only heroes genesis have voting rights.

and the ratio will be converted to xEBA
for example:

  • cm = 2000 xEBA
  • r = 4000 xEBA
  • sr = 6000 xEBA
  • epic = 8000 xEBA
  • leg = 10000 xEBA
  • heroic = 15000 xEBA
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or we can open a vote to vote for this ratio

I agree that the voting weights should be divided among rarity like you. But should include non-genesis heroes. Because the purpose is to get the opinion of the most part of all players, it is impossible to distinguish for later players.

Only Genesis Hero have right vote is nice idea. We will take a look to see how can action that.
About scale right vote for Hero based on Rarity, why you think a higher rarity Hero should have larger weight vote?
Basically I think all Hero have same weight vote, same as citizen. It more like everyone have same weight vote no matter what how old you are, your social hierarchy…

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if only Genesis Hero can vote, then when fusion program is released later, will the genesis heroes after fusion can keep or lose their right vote?

Owning a NFT hero is just as proof that you are invested in the game as EBA so I think this is a valid point.

As for ratio I think the Genesis heroes could hold more weight but I think all should be allowed.

Well, first of all, if people with nfts have too much right to vote, the meaning of EBA is tarnished. I think the appropriate ratio should be determined through a governance vote. And I think it’s a good idea to allow only heroes to vote. I think the amount of the hero’s right to vote should be the same regardless of the rarity. Rate of high rarity heroes are scarce, so it can be thought that there is less voting rights than low rarity heroes. However, the high rarity heroes have an opportunity to acquire EBA through various contents. So it isn’t unfair.

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Do not destroy the governance ecosystem. Losses through dumping hurted EBA buyers (those who invested in the ecosystem) much more, and giving NFT holders the right to vote means running the project spinelessly. If you Elpis team really want to make fair blockchain ecosystem, you must surve this thing via governance vote.