Among the game functions

the system that has to attack unconditionally is wrong. Strategically, we need functions that just pass the turn. This is the basis of a turn-based game. there are many counterattack skills in the game, but even if you want to save a character with low physical strength, you are forced to attack enemy units with counterattack skills and die. Again, this is the basis of the turn-based game. It’s going to be important in future pvp.

Time limit per turn is also needed. In the future, there will be a pvp mode, but the attack time limit is essential, and if the time limit is exceeded, the turn should be designed to pass to the other side.


Nice idea and probably simple to implement a “skip” fonction on every turn.

But also I wanna add, forced to attack can make some skill more worth it, like counter attack or hp regen, wich can lose to much efficiency if people can skip attack. But that can be balanced later if the skip fonction are implemented.